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Now Hiring: Public Works Seasonal / Part Time Worker
Immediate Supervisor: Village Administrator

Position in Brief: Involves the performance of a wide variety of tasks working in cooperation with other Village employees to provide safe transportation systems for vehicles and pedestrians, maintenance of parks and recreation systems, and other public works duties.

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Job-related Experience Required: Basic knowledge of lawn care and equipment maintenance. Ability to use basic outdoor equipment.

Special Qualifications Required or Desired: Possess a valid Wisconsin driver’s license.

Essential Functions: Maintain paved and unpaved streets and parks. Maintain sidewalks adjacent to Village owned properties. Work with other members of Village crew on parks maintenance, storm sewer elements and yard/garden waste program. Assist with duties in Water and Sewer Departments as needed. Performs other duties as required or requested by Village Administrator and direct supervisor.

Additional Functions: All tasks related to maintaining the public infrastructure of the Village as requested.

Physical Requirements in Performing Tasks Listed: The performance of routine tasks requires a capacity to intermittently sit, stand, walk, bend and lift moderately heavy objects. Performance of tasks associated with responding to demands for the maintenance of equipment and the handling of material for street repair, park repair, water distribution system repair and wastewater plant and collection system repair. Performance of tasks related to any activity cited herein requires a capacity to lift heavy objects (50-100 pounds) unassisted and larger objects (more than 100 pounds) with assistance. A moderate to high degree of physical strength or manual dexterity is necessary to handle operations and safety equipment under emergency conditions. Must be able to perform the functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.

Working Conditions Under Which Tasks are Performed: The performance of some tasks expose an individual to machinery and its moving parts, to toxic gases, chemicals and other hazardous materials. It requires use of protective devices such as facemasks and breathing apparatus, helmets, goggles and gloves. Work is generally performed outdoors in conditions that can be extremely cold or warm. Work is often performed in inclement weather and under conditions that may contribute to emotional as well as physical stress. Must be able to perform the functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.

Equipment Used in Performing Tasks: Pickup trucks, wood chipper, snow blower, skid steer, small utility tractor, lawnmower, weed whacker, generators, sewer cleaning equipment, hand tools, saws, power tools, and two-way radios. Computers, typewriters, and telephone and fax machines may be used in performing some administrative tasks.

How to Apply:
Submit to Village Administrator Steven Cherek: A Village Application and Equal Employment Opportunity Form

Email Application Materials to or by mail, ATTN: Administrator Steven Cherek – 311 Walnut Street Marathon City, WI 54448.

Application materials will be accepted through May 8, 2024.