Marathon City 2020 Ltd.

The Heritage Center will be open to visitors by appointment only during the summer months.  To request a private tour, or seek more information, email us your contact information at

During Fun Days weekend, the Heritage Center will be open on Sunday, Sept 4, before the parade from 11 am to 1 pm, and after the parade until 3pm.  Starting on October 9th, the Heritage Center will be open to visitors on the Second Sunday of each month from 12pm to 2 pm through April.

Click here for more information on the 2022 Main Street Music Series.

About Marathon City 2020 Ltd.:

Marathon City 2020 Ltd. is a community-based, non-profit organization comprised of business owners, community leaders and residents who are genuinely interested in seeing our community grow and remain a thriving place to live and do business for many generations.  Marathon City 2020 Ltd. is proud to sponsor the Marathon City Heritage Center, Heritage Center Park  and Main Street beautification efforts. We ensure that every dollar contributed goes directly to make a positive and lasting impact within our community.

Additional Marathon City 2020 Ltd. accomplishments to date:

  • Worked with a professional branding agency to develop and execute a comprehensive long-term place branding strategy for the Village of Marathon City.
  • Assisted the Village Board to complete and fund the application process for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s Connect Communities Program to support the focus on downtown redevelopment.
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive community survey in the summer of 2013 to gauge trends in attitudes and behaviors of residents of Marathon, surrounding communities and interested non-residents. Nearly 631 surveys were submitted.
  • Oversee Main Street beautification efforts including the purchase of business district flags, American Flags and brackets, planters with flowers, and weed control efforts.

The Marathon City 2020 board typically meets once a month, or as necessary. Meeting dates will be posted on the Village’s Events Calendar.

Monetary Contributions:

Marathon City 2020 Ltd. is officially recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a nonprofit, public benefit corporation and has been granted 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status. Marathon City 2020 Ltd is eligible to accept tax-deductible charitable contributions and gifts, and donors can deduct contributions made under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 170. (TIN: 47-5638829).  Donations can be made by check payable to: Marathon City 2020 Ltd. (MC2020 Ltd), mailing address: PO Box 423, Marathon, WI 54448. Checks may also be submitted to the Heritage Center or Marathon Village Hall during regular hours. Thank you for your support!

Marathon City 2020 Ltd. Board Members:

Edee Zuleger – President
Jane Ritger – Vice President
Jenese Karlen – Treasurer
Cheryl Kijak –  Secretary
Hayley Cramer
Rebecca Sonnentag
Anna Chilsen Straub
Joe Straub
Barb Krautkramer

Contact Marathon City 2020 Ltd.

Mailing address: PO Box 423, Marathon, WI 54448

If you have questions, ideas, or interest in joining Marathon City 2020 Ltd. or contributing to our efforts, please email

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