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The Marathon City Fire Department began providing fire and rescue services in 1902.  In 1992 the department expanded and began providing emergency medical response services.  The Marathon City Fire Department is the primary fire and rescue provider for the Village of Marathon City and towns of Cassel, Rib Falls, and Stettin.

The fire department has always been community focused with dedicated volunteer members and a deep commitment to the Village of Marathon City and the surrounding community where its volunteers all live, work, and raise their families.

In 2010, construction was completed on a new village fire station.  The station currently houses six fire trucks and an off-road 6-wheel ATV. The new facility has room for additional equipment and training apparatus.  The fire station allows the department to effectively train for and operate its fire and rescue services. The building also serves the community through fire education programs and hosts various community events.

The current department roster includes 31 Fire and Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) personnel.  Area residents or individuals that work in village that have an interested in joining the department as either a Firefighter or EMR should fill out an application or contact the Village Hall located at 311 Walnut Street or Chief Michael Tylinski, at 715-443-2221.