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The Village of Marathon City has an elected non-partisan Board of seven members: one president and six trustees. In Wisconsin’s Village form of government, officials are elected “at large” which means any qualified elector of the municipality may run for any seat. Nomination papers for those seats are circulated beginning December 1st of any given year and are due by the 1st Tuesday in January of the following year in the office of the village clerk. A minimum of 20 signatures must be collected in order to be on the spring ballot.

In odd years, the President and three trustees are up for election. In even years, the other three trustees are up for election. Terms for all elected Village officials two years in length.

Most administrative functions of the Village are performed by an appointed Administrator / Clerk /Treasurer. The Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the village. Information regarding public services and public records can be requested from the Administrator / Clerk / Treasurer and is available at the village hall.
Maps are available detailing:

Parcel dimensions and locations
Tax Increment Districts
Zoning designations
Floodplain data
Sewer utility locations
House numbers

The Village’s ordinances and zoning code, minutes of Board meetings and municipal service contracts are also available for inspection.

For information on property assessment records, such as year-built, square footage, recent sales, etc. contact the village hall.

For information on zoning requirements, contact the village administrator at the village hall.

For information on building permit requirements or to arrange for inspections, the building inspector is available by phone, or contact the village hall.