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The Village Administrator oversees the day to day village operations guided by policies and directives approved by the Board of Trustees and Utility Commission. The Village Administrator prepares the village budget with the assistance from department heads and approval of the Village Board of Trustees. The Village Administrator also directs internal village operations and external relations, listens to the concerns and requests from the community, and anticipates municipal needs. The Village Administrator advises the Village President, Board of Trustees, Commissions and other standing committees based on research, state law and intergovernmental peer discussions.

Other responsibilities of the Village Administrator include; planning, zoning administration, community and economic development, personnel management, vendor management, compliance and coordinating with the Building Inspectors. As clerk-treasurer, the Village Administrator is also responsible maintaining all village records and managing village and utility finances.<

The village’s administrative staff assists residents with voter registration and absentee voting, water and sewer utility billing and collection, property tax billing and collection (first payment, only), dog licenses, building permits, garbage collection and recycling issues (residential, only), liquor licenses and alcohol beverage operator’s licenses to name a few, as well as providing general information about the village.

Call the village office at 715-443-2221 if you have any questions.

Steve Cherek

Steve Cherek


(715) 443-2221