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Delinquent Water Bills

Bill Collection Procedure

The purpose of this document is to establish the policy and procedures for handling past due and delinquent water bills in an effort to address and reduce the amount of utility bills outstanding and potentially placed on the tax rolls.

In situations where renters are responsible for paying the utility bills, landlords will be sent copies of water bills, past due notices, and disconnect notices.  Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) has confirmed that deferred payment agreements with tenants cannot be sent to the landlords.

As required by the PSC, customers must be given 20 days after the billing date to pay the utility bill without penalties.  Any bills paid after the Due Date are subject to late fees as specified in our rate structure.  The following is in accordance with PSC 185 rules.

Delinquent Notification Procedure:

  • – Water bills are Due 20 days after the billing date.
  • – If a water bill is not paid within 7 days of after the due date a Past Due notice will be sent.
  • – If the water bill is not paid within 10 days after the past due notice is mailed a Disconnect Notice will be sent.
  • – After the disconnect notice is mailed, the customer has 10 calendar days to pay the bill or sign a Deferred Payment Agreement.
  • – If after 10 days, the bill is not paid or a deferred payment agreement is not signed the customer will be shut off and the entire amount owed will become due and a reconnection fee of up to $30.00 must be paid before the water is turned back on.
  • – If the customer wishes to sign a deferred payment agreement, the calculated payment must be enough to pay the entire balance due prior to the next billing cycle. Deferred payment agreements will be arranged for weekly or bi-weekly payments (not monthly).
  • – The Village Administrator, Deputy Clerk, or Water Plant Manager will review and authorize all deferred payment agreements prior to their execution.

If Customer fails to make payments as agreed, the entire balance will become due and payable without further notice. Such failure shall also constitute cause for disconnection of service after due notice in accordance with the applicable rules on disconnection of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin then in force.  In the event service is disconnected, it shall be reconnected only upon payment of all past due charges and reconnection fees.