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Tax Increment District

The Village of Marathon City currently has two Tax Increment Districts.  Tax Incremental District No. 1 (TID No.1) was created on January 3, 2002.  Tax Incremental District No. 2 (TID No.2) was created on June 20, 2016.  Both TID No.1 and TID No. 2 were created to promote industrial development, economic development and to eliminate blight.

The amendment of TID No. 1  added territory to expand the Business Park to the north of Highway 29 and added several parcels in the downtown with the goal of promoting additional development and downtown revitalization. The amendment of also included additional public improvements that serve the TID, plus new projects located within the one-half mile radius of the TID boundary.  TID No. 1 was extended by special legislation in December of 2021 to facilitate infrastructure investment north of STH 29.

TID No. 2 runs along the Main Street and 4th Street corridors.  Redevelopment efforts in this area have focused on retail development and residential development opportunities.  Investments in land consolidation and infrastructure upgrades have been made to create shovel ready sites for potential development partners.

Cost associated with these activities within the TID boundaries or within the one-half mile radius of the TID are considered to be eligible for Tax Increment Financing.

Click the Links Below to Access the Tax Increment District Maps

TID No. 1 Map

TID No. 2 Map

North Business Park Infrastructure Plan