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Absentee Voting

Registered Voters in the Village of Marathon City can can vote Absentee in any election.  There are two options for Absentee voting, In-Person or via Mail.  In-person Absentee voting is done at the Village Hall and is available for Registered Voters two weeks prior to the actual election day.  To address Covid-19 social distancing requirements, voters are requested to make an appointment with the Village Clerk to schedule a time to vote in-person prior to the election.

All Absentee Ballot requests must be received by the Thursday prior to the election.  The United State Postal Service (USPS) recommends 5 days for mailing of ballots.   All Absentee Ballots must be returned to the Village Clerk by 8:00 P.M. of election day.  Voters can return ballots via the mail, by dropping them at the Clerks office, or dropping them at the polling place on election day.

To request an Absentee Ballot via mail, Registered Voters can follow one of the two options below.  Contact the Village Hall at 715-443-2221 for more information.

To Request An Absentee Ballot Online

Like voting in person, a photo ID is required for this process and will be submitted electronically through the MyVote.WI.gov site.  So before you begin your application, take a picture of your valid photo ID with your cell phone and email it to yourself.  Save the photo from your email to your computer.  If you have a printer/copier/scanner attached to your computer you can simply scan ID and save it to your computer.

1.  Goto   https://myvote.wi.gov .

You can check the status of your Absentee request by returning to https://myvote.wi.gov , selecting My Voter Information, entering the data requested and clicking”Search”.  Scroll down to the Absentee area below My Next Election and the boxes to the right of the “Request An Absentee Ballot” will be colored as each step in the process is completed.

To Request An Absentee Ballot Via Paper Application

Registered Voters may submit the EL-121 Application For Absentee Ballot to the Village Clerk instead of using the online tool.  Remember to send a copy of your valid photo ID with your paper application.

Absentee Video Tutorials

Universal Instructions for Completing An Absentee Ballot