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Economic Development Focus

Marathon City has continued investment in economic develop through the purchase of land and development of a business park on the north side of the Village.  The business park offers building sites accessed via improved roads, completed utilities extensions, and easy access to the Highway 29 corridor.  Since its completion in 2004, several businesses have relocated to the business park with very positive results and the development of a second center of commerce for the Village.  The Marathon City business park has space available in multiple sections of the park.  Additionally, the business park can be expanded to the north to accommodate additional needs for space.

The downtown area of the Village is home to many small businesses and national corporations.  This picturesque section of the Village lines State Highway 107 which was totally reconstructed in 2007 to provide better parking and traffic flow through Marathon City.  Expansion opportunity in the downtown area is also available.

Both the Marathon City business park and segments of the down town district are located within a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) district.  This provides potential advantage to organization looking to build or renovate facilities within the TIF.  Specifically, land purchase for acreage within the defined TIF district can be significantly reduced enabling the bulk of your investment to go toward your business.

The Village has worked to provide access to revolving loan fund to provide low interest financing through non-village sources.  The funds are available to business and entrepreneurs seeking to start or expand business within Marathon County.

Marathon City is centrally located in Marathon County at the center of Wisconsin on the major east – west corridor of US Highway 29 and is 8 miles west of the major north- south corridor of US Highway 51 and Interstate 39.  This location provides excellent vehicle based access to all parts of the state and the Midwest via the highway corridors.

Located to the south east of Marathon City is the Central Wisconsin Regional Airport (CWA).  CWA is serviced by three major airlines with 100% jet service to major airport hubs located in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Detroit providing for quick access to national and international destinations.

Another benefit of the highway corridor is the power and telecommunication infrastructure that is available to Marathon City.  The Village is along the ATC (American Transmission Company) high voltage transmission lines that connect the WPS Weston Power Plants to the Midwest.  Marathon City is served by Wisconsin Public Service Corporation and has a power substation located on the north side of the Village aiding in the management and distribution of electricity to the business and residents.  The Village is serviced by a Frontier Communications fiber optic artery.  This provides telecommunications infrastructure and connectivity access to the entire region.  There is also a fiber optic communication artery that borders the north side of the Marathon City Business Park.