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Village Board, Commission and Committee meetings are open to the public and conducted in compliance with Wisconsin Open Meetings Law.  Meetings are where business of the Village is conducted by following an agenda which is publicly posted.  The Board, Commission or Committee may only act on business that is on the agenda for that specific meeting.  The public is encouraged to attend and observe the meetings.

Members of the public may not participate in a discussion or debate by the governing body; however, a trustee or committee member may request that a member of the public answer a question, or questions, pertinent to the discussion or debate, provided that leave for such participation is granted by the other members of the body.  The presiding officer may limit, as necessary, the time and the topics which can be discussed by the public.

Members of the public may seek the opportunity to address the body via a request to be placed on a meeting agenda.  Requests for inclusion of agenda items are to be submitted in written form to the Village Administrator or the Village President no later than 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the Monday preceding a regularly scheduled meeting.  Information filed after 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the Monday preceding the regular Board meeting may cause the removal of an agenda item by the Village President.  All agenda items approved by the Village President are included in a public notice of the meeting.

The folders below contain the meeting agendas and approved minutes for the Village Board, Village Committees, and Village Commissions.