Quality of Life

The Village of Marathon City offers a high quality of life for its residents.  This is a result of the services provided by the Village, the recreational activities available, the strong school district, the community pride held by the residents, and the welcoming spirit of the citizens.

The Village’s central location also provides access to higher education opportunities for the development of workforce.  Within 40 miles of the Village there are 2 state technical colleges, 2 community colleges, 1 four year state university, and 1 two year state university.  Through cooperation with these institutions, customized courses and training can be developed to fit the unique needs of your organization.

Marathon City provides a number of public safety services for the residents and surrounding townships.  We have a dedicated Police force consisting of two full-time and multiple part time officers that provides crime prevention, enforcement, and emergency response to the Village.  The Marathon City Fire Department is a volunteer department that provides fire protection to the Village and 5 local townships and their citizens.  Both of these departments are actively engaged with the community through various programs and community events.

The Village is located on the banks of the Rib River and at the base river ridge.  This location delivers great vistas of the surrounding area.  There are several parks within the Village that offer opportunities ranging from canoeing and kayaking to baseball and softball to picnicking.  Public pavilions are available in two of our parks and host annual public and private events.

The Village benefits from several summer programs sponsored by community organizations ranging from the annual Motorcycle Fun Run for Special Olympics, to youth baseball and softball, to the annual Fun Days celebration over the Labor Day weekend.