Village of Marathon City Strategic Initiatives

Implement commercial contact and retention program.

– Establish quarterly meetings with Village employers to discuss planning, challenges, opportunities and needs.


Continue promotion and development within Marathon City Business Park

Update and expand Village of Marathon City Comprehensive Plan

– Leverage NWRPC, WEDC, Centergy and Marathon 2020


Develop and implement a Downtown re-development plan as a subset of the Comprehensive Plan

– Examples provided by Vierbicher for Elroy and Cambridge represent the type of opportunities that can be developed in Marathon City.


Continue Promotion of Downtown re-development grant and loan programs.

Develop and Implement a residential developer recruitment plan.

– Target mid to high range apartment development
– Target townhouse development
– Target single family sub-division


Implement school district contact program.

– Establish semi-annual meetings with Marathon School District to discuss planning, challenges, opportunities and needs.


Continue engagement with Wisconsin Department of Transportation

-Transportation infra-structure planning and expansion within and near the Village