Welcome to the Community Communications Page.  We hope this page becomes a valuable resource for you and your neighbors.  The goal of this page is to increase public awareness of the direction of the Village Board and the initiatives that are being pursued by the Village Board to address the identified current challenges and those that will develop in the future.

The Village Board has at times, struggled with communicating direction or actions of the Village to its citizens and the surrounding community.  We believe the Village needs to take a greater role in delivering the message to our residents, business owners, and neighbors to ensure that timely accurate information is being delivered.

To help achieve this goal the Village has implemented and will continue to update its public communication plan.    Communications will be delivered via multiple outlets in an attempt to reach the largest percentage of the population as possible.  These outlets will include the Village Website, the Village Mobile App, the local newspaper, social media and direct mailings where appropriate.

What to expect.
This web page will be one method of communicating information regarding the direction and actions of the Village Board.  Agendas and approved meeting minutes are currently published under Government/Meetings page of the Village Website.  This page will be dedicated to updates on the specific strategic initiatives undertaken by the Village.  Updates to this web page will occur periodically and will be announced on the message center of the home page for the Village of Marathon City Website.