2020 Wastewater Facility Plan

Over the past 7 years, the Village of Marathon City has been evaluating options to address regulatory and facility needs of the current wastewater plant.  Multiple options were considered including construction of a regional facility with the Village of Edgar, regional consolidation with the City of Wausau, a complete upgrade of the current facility, a phased upgrade of the current facility and construction of a new facility.  The proposed solution is to construct a new wastewater treatment facility and to upgrade several components of the existing facility resulting in modern and efficient plant.

The proposed facility plan has been reviewed and discussed at several Utility Commission meetings and on May 6, 2020 the Village Utility Commission voted a second time to forward the Facility Plan to Public Hearing.  The Public Hearing is an opportunity for residents to ask questions about and comment on the proposed project.  The Village Utility Commission, the Village Board and the Village’s engineers will all present at the Public Hearing.  As we exit the Safer At Home orders and implement the latest guidelines related to COVID-19, the Village will schedule the public hearing.  The date, time and location will be announced when available.

The documents below provides information that is intended to help the public understand the needs of the facility and the proposed project direction.  Questions regarding the documents, the proposed project or the need for the project can be submitted to the Village (akurtz@marathoncity.org) prior the public hearing or at the hearing.