20220803 Safety Notice

20220803 Safety Notice

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The Marathon City Farmer’s Market has been a great addition to the weekly activities within the Village.  The number of vendors and public attendance have exceeded expectations and we look forward to the market’s continued success.

With the success of the Marathon City Farmer’s Market, pedestrian safety has become an increased focus.  The market is located centrally in Marathon City adjacent to STH 107, Third Street and Fourth Street which have high traffic volume.  Over the past couple of weeks multiple close calls involving pedestrians and vehicle have been reported.

After discussion with organizers of the Marathon City Farmer’s Market, the Marathon City Police Department and Village officials, the following changes will be implemented effective 8/4/22.

  1. 1.  On Market Days, No parking will be allowed on STH 107 / Main Street between Third and Fourth Street between the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  2. 2.  Marathon City Police will increase traffic enforcement on STH 107 / Main Street.

As a reminder to motorists, reduce speeds when you encounter high pedestrian volume and yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks.  As a reminder to pedestrians, utilize the crosswalks on Main Street, Third Street and Fourth Street and be aware of the high volume of traffic in the area.

Please help us keep everyone safe while they attend the Marathon City Farmer’s Market.